Brasserie Restaurant Bar La Consigne Paris Gare de l'Est

The dish "homemade"

It must be made from raw products, processed in the restaurant, uncooked or undenatured by any process.
This excludes frozen or precooked industrial foods.


Which products?


Raw products are products that have not undergone any significant changes, including heating, pickling, blending, or a combination of these processes. Fruits and vegetables must have been purchased fresh unpeeled.
Products that the consumer does not expect to be prepared in the kitchen are also allowed (cold cuts), cheeses, fresh cream, gravy, bread, pasta and cereals, candied fruit, biscuits, chocolate ...). The puff pastry, pâtés and terrines must be made on site.

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La Consigne
Brasserie Restaurant Bar La Consigne Paris Gare de l'Est

We welcome you every day for a snack on the go between two trains, for a lunch or a dinner, for the organization of all your private or professional events around a refreshment or a dish prepared by our chef :
Guillaume CLAMENS.

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